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Professional Raccoon Removal

Do you need raccoon removal services in Farragut?

If you hear loud thumping on your roof or discover that your trash cans have been ransacked, there’s most likely a raccoon living in or near your home in Farragut. Raccoons are powerful and destructive pests that will rip through roof shingles to invade your attic and build a nest. Inside, they’ll cause immense destruction and make an unsanitary mess with their urine and feces. Many parasites and bacteria are spread by raccoon waste, including roundworm and leptospirosis.

It’s never a good idea to take on a raccoon alone since they’re territorial animals that are known to carry rabies. If you want to evict a raccoon living inside your house in Farragut, employ a licensed raccoon control company.

Reliable Raccoon Removal

If you have a raccoon problem in your home in Farragut, All Creatures Wildlife Services will inspect your property to learn how the raccoons got in, how many are inside and where they’re living. Our specialists will lay traps around your premises to quickly and humanely capture all of the raccoons so that they can be removed to nature.

Once the raccoons have been removed, our crew will exclude them from returning by applying pest-proof barriers to the exterior of your home in Farragut. We’ll also clean out any destroyed insulation and feces left by the raccoons, and repair whatever damage they’ve caused to your house.

All Creatures Wildlife Sends Raccoons Packing

When raccoons enter your home, they can cause incredible damage unless stopped quickly. Call All Creatures Wildlife Services today for the best raccoon removal services in the Farragut area!

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