Squirrel Removal in Oak Ridge, TN

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Effective Squirrel Removal Services

Do you need squirrel removal services in Oak Ridge?

It’s common to see squirrels clambering around homes in Oak Ridge but if you start to hear scratching noises from the attic, they’ve probably made their way inside. Inside a house, squirrels will chew through insulation, wood, plastic, sheet metal and more. Squirrels also create a fire hazard by gnawing on electrical wires.

In addition to being very destructive, squirrels will urinate and defecate throughout your house, which can transmit diseases and parasites. Since squirrels are crafty and persistent, evicting them from your home in Oak Ridge might prove impossible. For proper squirrel removal, bring in your local squirrel control professionals.

Reliable Squirrel Removal

If you’ve found squirrels living inside your home in Oak Ridge, All Creatures Wildlife Services will inspect your property to determine the squirrels’ numbers, entry points and nesting sites. Using this information, our technicians will carefully place traps to safely catch all of the squirrels so that we can remove them to nature.

After the squirrels are gone, our crew will prevent future squirrel entry by using exclusion barriers and sealants to obstruct all access points on the outside of your house in Oak Ridge. While we’re at it, we’ll restore any damage caused by the squirrels and clean up their nests and feces.

All Creatures Wildlife Kicks Squirrels Out of Your Nest

If your house is infested by squirrels, it’s only a matter of time before they cause severe damage or make you sick. Get in touch with All Creatures Wildlife Services today for dependable squirrel removal services in the Oak Ridge area!

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