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Seeing bats around your home in Maryville is actually a good sign that the mosquito population is being kept in check. However, if bats start roosting in your attic, their guano will soon accumulate, contaminating insulation and corroding flooring. Worse still, guano can transmit histoplasmosis to anyone who breathes in its spores.

Bats are also often known to carry rabies and can infect you by biting. If you try to remove bats from your attic without help, there’s a high risk of being bitten. Stay safe and call up a licensed bat control company to solve your pest problem.

Trusted Bat Removal

If you’ve seen signs of bats living inside your attic in Maryville, All Creatures Wildlife Services will conduct an inspection to find out how the bats got in and how many are living in your home. Our experts will use careful removal tactics to catch every bat on your property and return them to the wilderness.

As soon as every last bat is out, our team will keep history from repeating itself by shielding the exterior of your home in Maryville with exclusion materials. Since the threat of histoplasmosis may linger, we’ll get rid of all remaining guano and insulation that has been corrupted by it.

All Creatures Makes Bats Find a New Roost

If bats move into your attic, they’ll cause costly damages and may spread disease. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today for most effective bat removal services in the Maryville area!


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