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Woodpecker Control In Chattanooga

Have you been seeing a bird pecking away at your chimney, house siding or garage? If so, it’s best to call a professional woodpecker control company to remove this issue and keep your property in good shape.

Here at All Creatures Wildlife Services – Chattanooga, our team is highly experienced when it comes to removing woodpeckers from homes and businesses. With this task being fairly difficult, it’s best to let a bird professional take care of this task. Here are the services we provide:

  • Inspection
  • Removal
  • Deterrent

Woodpecker Activity

When late winter and early spring roll around, Chattanooga experiences an abundance of calls from customers regarding small woodpeckers pecking away at their home or garage. In the greater Chattanooga area, there are many different types of woodpecker species which range from 3 inches to about 12 inches long. These birds move from tree to tree, even making their way to houses and garages, where they will begin pecking a hole into the given object.

Though it may not make sense for birds to do this, knowing about their biology will help understand their movements and habits.

Woodpecker Biology

When it comes to woodpeckers, these birds peck for three different reasons:

  1. Finding Food – Woodpeckers have incredible hearing and can hear the smallest of bugs crawling underneath the bark of a tree, and even under the wood siding of a house. Woodpeckers in the Chattanooga area will sometimes even create holes in siding or soffits in order to find burrowing carpenter bees or other insects. While this represents some woodpeckers, others are sap eaters.
  2. Build A Nest – They will lay 3-6 eggs (depending on the species) which will hatch about two weeks later. A particular favorite siding for them is stucco and cedar. Both of these types of siding have a relatively hard, thin layer covering insulation. Once they make it through the outer layer, the insulation serves as an ideal medium for a nest.
  3. Resonate – In order to attract a mate, woodpeckers peck on a material that projects sound well. Unfortunately, this pecking often happens in the early morning and will end up leaving many holes in house or garage siding.

Woodpecker Damage In Chattanooga

In Chattanooga, these birds turn out to be fairly destructive creatures. When springtime comes, woodpeckers will peck a large hole in house or garage siding and try to build a nest. While they may end up creating a sizable hole, they’re often forced away by large and aggressive starlings. These birds end up making the hole even bigger than before. The trend continues as grey squirrels may find the hole and run the starlings away. The squirrels will then chew away more of the hole and make their home in your attic or soffit. 

What started as a simple woodpecker hole soon becomes a large problem as homeowners call regarding squirrel infestations just months later.

Because of the potential damage that can occur from woodpeckers, it’s important to stop this problem right away. While woodpecker removal is important, it’s necessary to remember that woodpeckers are covered under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This makes it illegal to shoot without having a permit. Woodpeckers can typically be harassed and chased away pretty easily using different audio or visual techniques.

Get Rid Of Damaging Woodpeckers

If you’re looking for a trusted woodpecker removal company to remove these troublesome creatures and fix the damage they caused, contact the professionals at All Creatures Wildlife Services today!

All Creatures Wildlife Services proudly offers woodpecker removal services in East Brainerd, Ooltewah, Signal Mountain, and other surrounding areas.

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