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Skunk Control Service

Have you been smelling a pungent smell recently? Maybe you’ve seen a black and white striped creature sneak in and out of your home or garage. If you’re dealing with a skunk infestation at your home in the greater Chattanooga area, call the pros at All Creatures Wildlife Services today to get rid of this invading critter! We will provide the following services:

  • Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Remediation

Skunk Behavior In Chattanooga

Once the new year begins, skunks take this as a time to make their presence known. This begins their mating season, and it can oftentimes be when many homeowners notice their presence more because of their spray and movement. Many times, winter dens end up being located underneath houses or outbuildings, which is why homeowners begin to notice their presence.

During this time between January and March, male skunks will travel to find females and end up fighting viciously over them. This can even include spraying each other which will cause a pungent smell to be noticed. Interestingly enough, females will spray other interested males in the face to discourage further mating after they have already mated.

Female skunks are pregnant for 8-9 weeks, and then the young are usually born between mid-March and the end of April. The average litter size is about five, although our skunk trapping crew has trapped up to 10 before! After about one month, the babies become active, and you’re lucky, you could end up seeing a mother lead a small line of young skunks in May or June.

Danger Of Skunk Spray

We’ve all driven past a skunk on the side of the road; the smell lingers for what seems to be forever. One interesting fact about skunk spray is that all skunks can spray (even newborns) up to eight times in succession.

This spray is a mixture of oil-based chemicals that can carry up to one mile. Staying away from skunks is very important if you don’t have the proper training. They are incredibly accurate at hitting targets up to 15 feet away! If you get hit directly with skunk spray, this could cause vomiting and a temporary loss of vision. Thankfully, this leaves no permanent damage though.  

Remove Skunks From Your Property

If you have skunks on your property or some that have entered your home or garage, contact the experts at All Creatures Wildlife Services today! Our trained and experienced skunk removal technicians will work to remove the skunk(s) from your property and perform exclusion work to make sure it doesn’t enter through the same entry point. Call today!

All Creatures Wildlife Services offers skunk removal services in East BrainerdOoltewahSignal Mountain, and other surrounding areas.

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