Skunk Removal & Control In Signal Mountain, TN

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Skunk Removal in Signal Mountain, TN

Are you looking for skunk removal services in Signal Mountain?

While most wild animals will flee if approached by a human, skunks will often attack using a spray which smells strongly of sulfur, and can leave you temporarily blind and extremely nauseous. Should you encounter a skunk on your property in Signal Mountain, stay far away!

Skunks commonly build nests to raise their young in crawl spaces and under porches, though they may also nest in the garage or basement of your Signal Mountain house if they get the chance. Skunks are especially territorial when breeding and raising their young, and will be quick to hit you or your pets with their spray if you come too close. While skunk bites are rare, they can spread rabies, and they may also carry parasites onto your property.

If you find a nest of skunks on your Signal Mountain property, it would be wise to have them removed before they have a chance to spray you. Since removing skunks on your own is difficult and dangerous, leave it to the skunk control specialists.

Expert Skunk Removal

If your house in Signal Mountain has started to reek of skunks or you’ve seen them in your yard, All Creatures Wildlife Services will perform an inspection of your property, during which we will identify where the skunks are nesting and how many there are. Our licensed professionals will then place baited traps for the skunks, allowing us to capture them all safely and remove them to the wild.

To avoid future skunk infestations, our experts will place exclusionary barriers around your house in Signal Mountain to keep the critters away. If your yard still stinks of skunk or they’ve caused any damage to your property, we can neutralize the stench and remediate the damages.

All Creatures Wildlife Puts Skunks In Their Place

If you allow skunks to nest beneath your home, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets sprayed. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today for efficient skunk removal services in the Signal Mountain area!

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