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Squirrel Removal Professionals

Have squirrels gained access to your home or business?  If so, it is important to call the experienced squirrel removal technicians at All Creatures Wildlife Services to remove the critter from your building. After the squirrel has been removed from your property, the team will then relocate the squirrel(s) far away from your home and back to its natural habitat. Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup
  • Remediation

Our team will then seal the hole.  Another step our team will complete is to spray all areas where they’ve been active in order to eliminate pheromone that they may have left.  Like many other mammals, squirrels will leave scent markers to attract other squirrels to the site. Keep gray squirrels on the outside of your house and all involved will be much happier.

Common Squirrel Damage

Most calls that we get for gray squirrels come from one or more squirrels that have found shelter in a building. Squirrels are curious and will inspect roof tops, soffits, and trim in search of a weak spot or gap. Once that has been identified they will quickly make entrance through the toughest materials. They are capable of chewing through all wood, plastics, vinyl, and sheet metal. Once inside a building, gray squirrels usually limit their activity to the attic and will build nests, store food, and chew on different materials. This tasting might be a pine 2×4 roof truss or it may be the insulation on wiring. Because of this, they are responsible for dozens of house fires across the US each year. They also sometimes get into trouble near electrical transformers and power lines.

Many buildings are unknowingly set up for gray squirrel families. Those buildings that have tall trees overhanging them are much more likely to be used as squirrel homes. Homes or businesses that are in a wooded area with a lot of squirrel activity should be inspected regularly. Soft or loose siding should be replaced before a hole is created. Gutters should be cleaned regularly to keep fascia boards and trim from rotting.

All Creatures Wildlife Services offers squirrel removal services in FarragutOak RidgeMaryville, and other surrounding areas.

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