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Rats prove to be an all too present threat to homes and businesses in the greater Chattanooga, TN area. As they scurry along the ground, they’re able to enter your home through small openings near your foundation and siding along with areas along your roof because of their ability to climb up nearby trees and land on your roof. Once inside your home, you will often hear a scurrying sound in your walls or your ceiling, which is a telltale sign of their presence in your home. If you hear this noise, call the rat removal pros at All Creatures Wildlife Services right away. If left alone for too long, they will create an incredible amount of damage to your home.  When you call All Creatures, we will provide the following services:
  • Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup
  • Remediation

Rat Damage In Homes & Businesses

Whether located in your walls or your attic area, rats will leave behind a trail of insulation damage, feces and urine which can create lasting damages to your home. With All Creatures Wildlife Services, we will provide you with a fast and reliable rat removal service to get rid of the rat once and for all. Once the rat has been trapped, we will remove the rat and perform exclusion measures to make sure the rat doesn’t come back to cause damage in your home.

About Rats In Chattanooga

Two of the most common rats we deal with in Chattanooga are the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Roof Rats are much smaller than Norway Rats and weigh around 6-10 oz. with an 8 inch body and 8 inch tail. These rats tend to live in warmer areas and inhabit areas above ground, such as in trees. Norway Rats, on the other hand, weigh between 10-16 oz. with a 9 inch body and a shorter tail. These rats live in cooler climates and prefer to live at ground level. 

Neither species usually lives for more than a year in the wild. They are able to breed roughly 5 times per year and produce litters of up to 10 young. Both types of rats usually eat a wide variety of foods and are appropriately named pests for many reasons. One of these reasons being their tendency to spread disease.

Trusted Rat Control Company

For more information on how to best get rid of rats in your home, contact the rat removal professionals at All Creatures Wildlife Services today. We will happily come to your house or business to get rid of the rats in your attic or walls. We offer rat removal services in East BrainerdOoltewahSignal Mountain, and other surrounding areas.

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