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Rat Removal Company in East Brainerd, TN

Do you need rat removal services in East Brainerd? Of all the wildlife species that trouble home and business owners in East Brainerd, rats are perhaps the most pervasive. Rats can enter buildings through even the smallest openings in roofs and cracks in siding, and once inside they will gnaw at everything in their path, be it wood, drywall or insulation. Many fires have been started by rats chewing through electrical wires. Rats are filthy pests that will leave trails of urine and piles of droppings everywhere they go. They can also spread a number of zoonotic diseases through their waste, as well as by biting. If you’ve seen, heard or smelled signs of rats moving through your East Brainerd property, it’s important to get rid of them before they cause catastrophic damage. Call upon wildlife control professionals to help you with that.

Professional Rat Removal Company

If rats have infested your home or business in East Brainerd, All Creatures Wildlife Services will send out our licensed experts to scout your property to determine how the rodents got into the building, and where they’re nesting and moving. Our insured specialists will proceed to place baited traps around the property to eliminate all of the rats in a quick and humane manner. Once all of the rats are gone, it’s time for the All Creatures crew to clean up the mess they made. Our crew will remove all of their feces, urine and nesting materials and disinfect the areas to prevent the spread of disease. We can also repair any damages that rats caused to your East Brainerd property and use our effective exclusion tactics to keep more rats from invading your living or working space.

All Creatures Wildlife Puts Rats On The Run

Don’t let a colony of rats transform your house or office into their personal breeding grounds. Call All Creatures Wildlife Services today for reliable rat removal services in the East Brainerd area!

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