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Raccoon Control Professionals

Have you suddenly noticed a large amount of damage to your house or business’ roof? Have you heard a loud commotion coming for your attic during various hours of the day? If so, these are two signs of many that suggest that you may have a raccoon living in your attic.

In this situation, it’s very important that you call All Creatures Wildlife Services to get rid of this creature as soon as possible. If a raccoon is left in your attic for a prolonged amount of time, the damage sustained could be enormous. With the help of the professional raccoon removal team at All Creatures Wildlife Services however, we have the experience and equipment necessary to get rid of these animals safely and permanently.

We provide the following solutions:

  • Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup
  • Remediation

Dangers Of Raccoons

If raccoons have made their way into your home, they can spell danger for those nearby. Since they are fairly strong and travel throughout your attic, there are possibilities that the raccoon can make its way to your living area. Also, as they made their home in your attic, they will often leave behind damaged insulation, feces and urine.

It’s also to be cautious and remove raccoons right away as they’re known for carrying various diseases such as rabies Though it may not be extremely popular, it’s good to stay away from wild raccoons. Also, raccoons are known for having roundworm which can be found in their feces. It can be dangerous and even fatal when ingested or inhaled.

About Raccoons In Chattanooga

Being one of the most popular service calls we receive throughout the year, raccoons (Procyon lotor) are a common threat to homes and businesses in the greater Chattanooga, TN area. Because of their large population in the area, they are usually tied with squirrels for creating the greatest amount of damage to area homes and businesses.  

While many people think that raccoons look cute and cuddly, they are sorely mistaken. This creature of the night is actually highly adaptable, very powerful, a silent mover and capable of causing incredible damage. Raccoons usually enter homes by taking advantage of weak areas on your roof, such as shingles, vents or chimneys, pulling foundation vents off, or even tearing through siding.

These creatures are well known for causing a raucous in dumpsters and garbage cans in order to find a free meal for the night. Though they sometimes create messes of garbage dumpsters, raccoons are omnivorous and eat pretty much any type of fruit, nut, vegetable, or meat.  They even are known to eat the eggs of reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and birds. While they are commonly found in residential areas, they’re also known for their presence in rural areas as they are able to do extreme damage to agriculture when left unchecked.

Common Raccoon Activity

Raccoons are nocturnal animals and thrive during this time as they search for food or shelter. However, they’re sometimes seen during the daytime because of hunger or sickness. This is particularly true of mothers when they are in the final stages of nursing and young when they are first out on their own.

A typical litter of baby raccoons consists of roughly 2-5 kits and they’re usually born in the springtime, around March. Even though the new kits are usually weaned at about four months, they’ll often stay around their mother for up to one year. It sounds fairly odd, but once the mother give birth, she raises them by herself because various male raccoons will try to kill the kits.While raccoons have an average life span of 2-4 years in the wild, they can end up living for up to 20 years or longer.

Quality Raccoon Removal Services

If you think you have a raccoon infestation in your attic or soffit area in your Chattanooga home, contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today. Our professional raccoon control technicians will work to get rid of the raccoon as soon as possible and provide exclusion services to make sure the raccoon doesn’t come back to live in your home. We serve the greater Chattanooga area with raccoon removal services including Collegedale, East Brainerd, Ooltewah, and Signal Mountain.

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