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Snake Trapping Experts

Have you noticed something in your basement that just slithered underneath a piece of furniture or into a dark corner? What you saw is likely a snake. To get rid of it, All Creatures Wildlife Services provides the following services:

  • Inspection
  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Exclusion
  • Cleanup
  • Remediation

While many people have an incredible amount of fear when it comes to snakes, the overwhelming majority of snake species we deal with in Chattanooga are non-poisonous. Only the timber rattler and copperhead are poisonous. While many people also claim that they just saw a water moccasin or cobra, this is mistaken because these species are found in western and some parts of central Tennessee.

Of the snake calls we receive regarding encounters with poisonous snakes (which we receive approximately 225 per year), there have only been two poisonous snakes we’ve worked with. All of the other calls we responded to ended up being harmless snakes who followed a bird or a rodent into or near a home or business.

Snake Removal Company

Even though the large majority of snake calls end up not being anything dangerous, we understand that snakes are not welcome in homes and the people don’t want to handle them. For this reason, you’re welcome to call All Creatures Wildlife Services to remove and trap the snakes from your home.

While trapping these creatures is an important part of the removal process, the most important aspect is the exclusion service. With our exclusion service, we will find the entry point where the snake came in from and repair the opening so no snake enters through that area anymore.

About Snakes In Chattanooga

Snakes are part of the reptile family and share that designation with turtles, crocodilians, and lizards.  All reptiles are cold blooded and scaly.  Most lay eggs and have no part in the raising of the young.  The babies hatch out in the late summer or fall and are completely on their own to find food and shelter. 

Because reptiles can’t control their body temperature, they hibernate in the winter and thermo-regulate on cool sunny days by crawling out on a warm rock or roadway.

This latter fact unfortunately, has made them the target of many motorists who think that “the only good reptile is a dead one.”  Due to heavy pressure on the snake population, the state of TN and TWRA moved to protect them recently and now has passed a law that states: “It is illegal to harm, kill, remove from the wild or possess native snakes taken from  the wild without a permit.”

Snake Biology

Since both of our local poisonous snakes, timber rattler and copperhead, have thick bodies, they aren’t known for climbing tall structures such as homes or trees. Both of these species would rather stay on the ground and hideout under logs and rocks.

One attribute that all of the snakes in our area have is their highly adapted Jacobson’s organ. Even though snakes don’t have the best smell and lack hearing, they are able to sense extremely well with their tongue because of their Jacobson’s organ. As snakes flick their tongues out of their mouths to collect tiny particles of air, their tongue deposits these particles into this organ which analyzes the particles. With this organ, they can track a rat or mouse several hundred feet or find a bird nest 60 feet up a tree.

Benefits Of Snakes In TN

Although it’s hard for many people to believe that snakes are beneficial to the local environment by helping control rodents and birds, it’s true! If it weren’t for snakes, our friends in agriculture would end up suffering much more loss of their grain and have more contaminated food products.

Professional Snake Removal Services

If you’re needing a high quality snake removal company to get rid of snakes that have made their way into your home or business, contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today! Our trusted snake trapping and control technicians will make their way to your property and locate the snakes to get rid of them and return a peace of mind back to your home.

We offer snake removal services in the greater Chattanooga area including East BrainerdOoltewahSignal Mountain, and other surrounding areas.

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