Whether you own a local home or you run a business in Chattanooga, the last thing you want to deal with is a pest infestation. Insects and nuisance wildlife are a dangerous presence in human structures. They cause damage, spread diseases and may even cause physical harm. The best way to stop pest problems is to prevent them from starting. Here are a few helpful tips for pest and wildlife prevention.

3 Ways to Prevent a Pest Infestation

  1. Check for Entry Points – You’d be surprised what tiny holes critters can slip through. Mice can get into your house in Chattanooga through a hole as small as a dime! For bugs, an even smaller opening is as good as an open door. Try to find these entry points in your siding, soffits, foundation and other parts of your home exterior and seal them off so that pests can’t get in. You may also want to place covers on any exterior vents, which birds and bats often use as an entryway.
  2. Seal Doors & Windows – For many pests, doors and windows present the easiest entry point to your home or business in Chattanooga. If you leave your windows open in a hot Tennessee summer, everything from mosquitoes to bats can come flying in! Even if you’re in the habit of keeping doors and windows shut, bugs can invade your property if the sealant around them has grown weathered. When this happens, make sure to apply fresh sealant.
  3. Use Professional Pest Prevention – Your DIY efforts can certainly help to keep your Chattanooga home or business pest-free. But wildlife is both crafty and persistent; if you really want the upper hand, you should bring in the pros. A licensed wildlife control company will be able to locate pest entry points you’d never even think to look for and then seal them off with animal-proof materials in a process known as “exclusion.” This is the most effective way to keep critters and bugs out of your personal space.

Want to Keep Pests Out? Let Us Help!

Protecting your home or business from local pests will be much easier with the aid of a trusted wildlife control company. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today if you want us to provide wildlife prevention services in the Chattanooga area!