Rat Removal & Control In Ooltewah, TN

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Rat Removal & Control Services in Ooltewah, TN

Are you looking for rat removal services in Ooltewah? Rats are among the most persistent pests that antagonize homes and businesses in Ooltewah. Because they can fit through a hole the size of a quarter, rats can effortlessly squeeze in through any openings and, once inside, they will chew apart insulation, drywall and whatever else they can file their teeth on. Power outages and fires have been known to occur from rats biting through the wrong wires. Rats are messy vermin that urinate and defecate everywhere, creating a smelly mess. Both their waste and their bites can even spread zoonoses that are known to be deadly to humans. If you’ve heard squeaks or discovered small droppings in your Ooltewah residence or business, it’s time to address the rat problem. Allow a licensed and insured wildlife control service to handle the rodents for you.

Expert Rat Control

If your house or workplace in Ooltewah is struggling with a rat infestation, All Creatures Wildlife Services will deploy our specialists to search your property for rat entry points and nesting locations. Once we’ve got an idea of how many rats there are and where they’re moving, we’ll position traps in rat-trafficked areas to remove them all in a short time. After we’ve cleared out every last rat, the All Creatures team can offer remediation services to your building. We will clean out any rat nests and droppings, and we will fix any damages they caused to your home or office. Our professionals can also make use of exclusion methods to prevent other rats from worming their way into your Ooltewah property.

All Creatures Wildlife Solves The Rat Problem For You

Never let a horde of rats take over your house or business and create an unsanitary mess. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today for professional rat removal services in the Ooltewah area!

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