Skunk Removal & Control In Ooltewah, TN

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Skunk Removal in Ooltewah, TN

Do you require skunk removal services in Ooltewah?

While most animals defend themselves with tooth and claw, skunks have a much nastier means of protection. When approached, skunks will strike out with a foul-smelling spray that can cause vomiting and brief periods of blindness. If skunks are marauding on your property in Ooltewah, don’t try to mess with them!

Skunks commonly nest in crawl spaces and under porches in Ooltewah, and may try to enter homes and garages if they get the chance. Skunks will raise their young in the security and warmth provided by your home, and won’t hesitate to spray you or your pets if you come near their offspring. Skunks may also spread rabies if they decide to bite, and carry many kinds of parasites, like fleas and roundworms.

If skunks are nesting on your property in Ooltewah, it’s important to remove them before you get sprayed. Instead of placing yourself in danger, allow the skunk removal experts to lend a hand.

Reliable Skunk Removal

If you’ve spotted skunks near your Ooltewah house or smelled their distinctive odor, All Creatures Wildlife Services will conduct an inspection to find out if skunks have built a den on your property and determine how many we’re dealing with. Our licensed specialists will then position baited traps to capture all of the skunks safely so that we can remove them from your property.

To prevent other skunks from making themselves at home on your Ooltewah property, our team will use exclusion methods to deter them from your home. We will also repair any destruction caused by skunks and neutralize their repulsive odor if it still lingers.

All Creatures Wildlife Doesnt Let Skunks Spray

Skunks living around your home will inevitably lead to a foul-smelling confrontation. Give All Creatures Wildlife Services a call today for the best skunk removal services in the Ooltewah area!

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