Skunk Removal & Control In East Brainerd, TN

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Skunk Removal in East Brainerd, TN

Are you in need of skunk removal services in East Brainerd?

Skunks are territorial animals with a one-of-a-kind defense mechanism; when threatened, skunks will attack with a sulfurous spray that can cause extreme nausea and temporary blindness on contact. If you see a skunk on your property in East Brainerd, do not approach it!

Skunks will sometimes enter homes in East Brainerd if provided the opportunity, though more commonly they nest in crawl spaces and under decks to raise their young. Skunks become particularly territorial during the breeding season and will lash out at you and your pets if they feel threatened. In addition to their spray, skunks frequently carry rabies and may spread parasites to your household.

If skunks have taken up residence on your East Brainerd property, you should have them removed before someone gets sprayed. Rather than putting yourself at risk, let the skunk control professionals take the job.

Proficient Skunk Removal

If you’ve seen or smelled skunks marauding around your East Brainerd home, All Creatures Wildlife Services will provide an inspection to determine where the skunks are nesting and how many there are. Using carefully placed traps, our licensed experts will capture all of the skunks and remove them from your property without getting sprayed.

Since other skunks might try to nest in or around your home in East Brainerd, our crew will set up barriers to exclude them from your property. We can also remediate any damages that the skunks have caused and nullify the pungent odor they’ve left behind. 

All Creatures Wildlife Makes Skunks Scamper Off

Having a family of skunks move onto your property really stinks. Call All Creatures Wildlife Services today for reliable skunk removal services in the East Brainerd area!

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