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Woodpecker Removal Professionals

If you live in Single Mountain, chances are you might have seen or heard a woodpecker or two. Unfortunately, these birds can cause a great deal of property damage and sleepless mornings if left uncontrolled.

There are many reasons why woodpeckers would peck a home: they are feeding on insects living inside the siding, building a hole to roost, marking their territory, or attracting a mate.

Keep the Woodpeckers Away 

Even if they can be destructive and noisy at times, woodpeckers play an important role in our ecosystem. They are a federally protected species, so it’s important to work with a licensed wildlife company for their removal. All Creatures have more than 25 years of experience under our belt, and offer the following woodpecker removal services:

We will conduct a full inspection of your property and come up with a customized action plan unique to your situation. We’ll implement humane and gentle trapping and removal practices to drive the pesky woodpeckers away.

Our staff will also do an exclusion and determine how the birds got in and prevent their reentry by destroying their food source such as termites and ants. Lastly, we’ll cleanup and undo the damage left behind by these pests.

Signal Mountain’s #1 Woodpecker Exclusion Company 

Woodpecker infestations can cause serious damage to your home or businesses. Get peace of mind by hiring fully trained and licensed bird removal experts from All Creatures Wildlife Services.

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