Woodpecker Removal Services in East Brainerd, TN 

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Experienced Woodpecker Removal 

Woodpeckers are a fascinating wildlife species that play an important role in our ecosystem. However, their existence becomes an issue once they invade your home.

The woodpecker invasion could be due to many reasons: to feed on ants or termites inside your siding, to create a nesting cavity, or to attract a mate through a process called “drumming.” If left untreated, these birds can cause a lot of property damage and noise pollution.

Keep Your Home Safe from Woodpeckers 

All Creatures offers a broad range of wildlife removal services. Having been in the business for more than 25 years, we are familiar with all kinds of wildlife that live in Tennessee and know the best way to remove them without causing any harm.

First, we do a full inspection of your property to diagnose your pest problem and come up with the best treatment plan. Then, we implement gentle and humane trapping and removal techniques.

We also do exclusion to ensure that these pesky birds do not come back. Since we deal with many wildlife, we can also defect if there is an underlying pest infestation that serves as a food source for these woodpeckers.

Lastly, we implement remediation to remove animal waste and sanitize surroundings.

Hire East Brainerd’s Bird Control Experts

Successful woodpecker deterring and exclusion depends on two things: early recognition and immediate action. Once you see signs of woodpecker damage on your property, please give us a call and we’ll provide immediate assistance.

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