How do I get rid of rodents in my home?

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How do I get rid of rodents in my home?

Rodents are filthy pests that often become the bane of homeowners in the Chattanooga area. Mice and rats never seem to have much trouble getting inside our homes and making a mess. When rodents aren’t chewing their way through wires and insulation in your walls and attic, they’ll be leaving pheromone trails and piles of little droppings everywhere.

Here are some good tips to keep rodents out of your home in Chattanooga:

  • Avoid leaving food or food waste where rodents can get at it. Always store food in secure containers and dispose of kitchen garbage in a can with a tight lid to keep mice and rats out.
  • Repair cracks and holes in your home’s foundation and siding. Rats can squeeze through a space the diameter of a quarter and mice can fit through a tiny hole the width of a dime, so it’s vital to close off even the smallest holes and cracks with fresh sealant.

Here are a few tips to get rid of rodents that have entered your home:

  • Place traps in areas frequented by rodents, such as your attic and garage. Many types of traps exist, with peanut butter serving as a reliable bait for both mice and rats.
  • Set up bait stations around the exterior of your home. Creeping rats and mice will be lured in and eliminated by the poison bait within, helping to reduce rodent activity around your home.
  • Schedule rodent removal with a licensed wildlife control company in Chattanooga. Rodent exterminators will be able to thoroughly remove all mice or rats from your home before taking additional measures to prevent future infestations.

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