How do I get rid of wildlife in my attic?

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How do I get rid of wildlife in my attic?

Of all the parts of a house, wildlife infestations most commonly occur in the attic. That’s because attics are dark, sheltered, and rarely entered by the people living in the house; all qualities which make them ideal for wild animals to live in. Species of wildlife that commonly invade attics in the Chattanooga area include bats, squirrels, and raccoons.

If you’re concerned about a wildlife presence in your attic in Chattanooga, follow these tips to get rid of the intruding critters:

  • Place live traps to capture and release the animals in your attic. Make sure you figure out what species of wildlife you’ve got first, since traps that work for a squirrel probably won’t hold a raccoon. Using live traps to remove nuisance animals is not only more humane but also prevents the wildlife dying in your attic and creating a horrible smell. Just make sure to release the trapped animals far away so they don’t come right back.
  • Place items that create a lot of light and noise in your attic, such as radios with the volume turned up and bright lanterns. Wildlife likes attics because they’re dark and quiet so if you eliminate the conditions which make them comfortable, the wild animals will often vacate your attic to find a new home.
  • Hire a professional wildlife removal company in the Chattanooga area. Licensed and trained wildlife control specialists will be able to quickly and effectively trap any species of wild animals living in your attic before safely removing them. These technicians can also seal off wildlife entry points to prevent future invasions.

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