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Keep Pigeons Away From Your Property 

Are you seeking pigeon control services in East Brainerd?

It’s nice to see birds flying around through the windows of your home or business… unless those birds are pigeons. While native birds tend to perch on the roof and ledges of your building only for a short while, pigeons will make their nests on your home or business in East Brainerd and once they’re dug in, they’re not going anywhere.

Like most pest species, pigeons have thrived in urban environments, having come to favor nesting on window ledges, chimneys and air conditioners instead of in the branches of trees. After they’ve built their scraggly nests, pigeons will lay eggs that tend to hatch in about two and a half weeks. Because pigeons reproduce so quickly, it won’t take long for them to overwhelm your property.

Even if you don’t see pigeons nesting on your building right away, you’ll know they are there immediately because of the horrendous mess they make. Pigeons will scatter feathers and feces all over your roof, your walls, your windows and any cars parked nearby. This will cost you a fortune in cleaning fees and it can make you sick, too. Pathogens found in the dung and the discarded feathers of pigeons can cause nasty diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis which, in serious cases, can cause death.

Attempting to chase pigeons off your property can be a real nightmare. So take the stress off your shoulders; allow wildlife control professionals to do it for you.

Premium Pigeon Control

The pigeon control veterans from All Creatures Wildlife Services have spent nearly 40 years eliminating pigeon infestations throughout east Tennessee. Our licensed and insured specialists will first perform a preliminary inspection of your home or business in East Brainerd to figure out how many pigeons we’re dealing with and where they’ve built their nests.

Our crew will come in and rid your residence of every last one of the flying pests, whether that means relocating them into the wild or humanely exterminating them. To keep a fresh flock of pigeons from moving in, we’ll use spikes and other proven deterrents to dissuade them from nesting on your roof and ledges.

Don’t worry, we’ll clean up after the feathered fiends, too. All Creatures Wildlife Services pros will gather and dispose of all of the feathers and feces that the pigeons scattered across your property.

All Creatures Wildlife Puts Pigeons on the Run

Don’t allow pigeons to pollute your property in East Brainerd. Bring in All Creatures Wildlife Services today for professional pigeon control service that sends even the peskiest pigeons packing!

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