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Remove Pigeons From Your Property

Do you need pigeons removed from your property in Ooltewah?

Many people refer to pigeons as winged rats, and it’s an appropriate comparison. Like rats, pigeons are invasive to the United States. Like rats, pigeons are a prolific nuisance in cities and have begun to spread into suburbs. And like rats, pigeons can pollute your Ooltewah home or business with filth and disease upon moving in.

Pigeons build their nests in high places and have adapted to develop them on human structures. Window ledges, gutters, air conditioner units, chimneys and store signs are all common places to see these winged vermin nesting on your property. Pigeon eggs hatch in less than three weeks, meaning your pigeon problem will grow rapidly.

Pigeons are opportunistic feeders that will eat just about everything they can get their beaks on. And after they eat, they poop… alot. Pigeons are messy birds that will scatter their droppings and their feathers all over your residence once they decide to start nesting there. Not only is this disgusting, it can also be dangerous. Pigeon feces contain bacteria and fungi that can cause life-threatening illnesses including histoplasmosis, psittacosis and cryptococcosis.

Trying to shoo away pigeons on your own is nigh-impossible. Let the wildlife removal experts frighten them off for you.

Expert Pigeon Removal Services

The licensed and insured professionals at All Creatures Wildlife Services are well-versed in ridding buildings of pigeon infestations. Call us out to your property in Ooltewah and we’ll perform an inspection to determine where the troublesome birds are nesting.

Once we know what we’re dealing with, our specialists will remove the pesky pigeons from your property, or eliminate them in a humane manner, if necessary. After the feathered fiends have been cleared away, we’ll ensure they never return by installing deterrents such as spikes to areas where they like to nest.

As soon as we’re sure the pigeons are gone for good, the All Creatures Wildlife Services team will clean up the mess they left behind. Our crew will scoop up all of their droppings and feathers until your house or business looks as good as new.

All Creatures Wildlife Makes Pigeons Take Wing

Don’t let pigeons spread pestilence to your home or business in Ooltewah. Call the pros at All Creatures Wildlife Services today and we’ll make full use of our 40 years of experience to purge your property of pigeons!

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