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The Problem With Pigeons 

Do you require pigeon removal services in Signal Mountain?

Although pigeons have historically been bred for their remarkable ability to return to a nest from many miles away, they have since proliferated in cities across the United States and become one of our nation’s most irksome nuisance species. While they typically congregate in larger cities like Chattanooga, it is not uncommon for flocks of pigeons to migrate to neighboring communities like Signal Mountain.

Pigeons’ ancestors nested on cliffs but today, they commonly flock to open spaces on the sides of human structures. Don’t be surprised if you see pigeons building their nests on the ledges of your office or the gutters of your home. Once a pigeon’s eggs are laid, they will hatch in about eighteen days, allowing the pigeon infestation to increase in size exponentially over a couple of months.

Pigeons are avid eaters and, consequently, avid poopers. If pigeons have taken up residence on your home or business, they will quickly stain its roofs and walls with streaks of their droppings, as well as scattering their feathers all over the place. Both pigeons feathers and feces are known to contain harmful fungi and bacteria which cause deadly lung diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and psittacosis.

Pigeons are stubborn, so driving them from your home is extremely difficult. Luckily for you, there are professionals out there who handle these filthy birds for a living.

The Best Pigeon Removal in East Tennessee

All Creatures Wildlife employs a team of veteran pigeon removal experts, all of them licensed and insured to operate in the state of Tennessee. Bring us to your home or business in Signal Mountain and we’ll analyze your pigeon problem to determine how many birds have congregated on your property and where they’re making their nests.

After our inspection, our pigeon control pros will get to work eliminating all of the pigeons nesting at your residence, be it by live capture and removal or by humane extermination. Once the flying pests are gone, we’ll prevent others from following their example by installing effective deterrents along the exterior of your house or office.

The last step is cleaning up after your rude former neighbors. The All Creatures Wildlife Services clean-up crew will scour your property for every last dropping and feather until there’s no evidence left that the pigeons were ever there.

All Creatures Wildlife Turns the Tables on Pigeons

There’s no reason to allow a flock of pigeons to befoul your house or business in Signal Mountain. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today for premium pigeon removal services that will extricate your home from the flying vermin!

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