Bats are a common twilight sight in the Chattanooga area. They can be cool to watch as they flit around, feasting on flying insects. But while bats play a helpful role in controlling local mosquito populations, they can become annoying pests if they find their way into your attic.

While bats traditionally roost in caves, any dark, warm and sheltered place will do, including the attic of your home. If a bat colony moves into your attic, their guano will quickly pile up, causing serious damage and a terrible smell. Bats are also common carriers of rabies, making them dangerous to remove. Read on to learn how to get rid of bats in your attic without putting yourself at risk.

How Bats Can Be Removed from Your Attic

While do-it-yourself animal removal may prove effective against some nuisance wildlife species, bats aren’t one of them. Aside from the threat of rabies, bats can easily fly out of reach if you attempt to trap them manually and can’t be baited into traps easily like rodents can. On top of that, bats are protected by law in the state of Tennessee, making it illegal to harm them or even to remove them from May 1 to August 1.

If you’ve discovered a bat presence in your attic, you need to call a professional wildlife removal company in Chattanooga to evict them for you. Bat removal specialists have the experience and the tools necessary to get bats out of your attic without anyone getting bitten or your attic sustaining further damage.

The preferred method of professional bat removal is to install a one-way valve in the bats’ entry point to your attic; usually a hole in the roof or an opening around a vent. The one-way valve will allow bats to depart from your attic at night but won’t let them back in when they return from hunting. This forces bat colonies to seek a new home.

Chattanooga’s Top Bat Removal Company

If you’ve discovered a bat infestation in your attic, then it’s time to call the pros. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today if you’d like us to remove bats from your home in the Chattanooga area!