Many of us enjoy watching the many species of birds visit the feeders in our backyard, so it’s not common to think of them as pests. However, birds can become quite the nuisance if they decide to make their nests in the dryer vents or bathroom vents on your home exterior.

Unfortunately, some local bird species in Tennessee are drawn to nest in these vents because they provide warmth and shelter from predators. This is problematic because bird nests can clog up your vents, preventing your dryer from working. Their droppings will also create a bad odor that permeates your home. To avoid dealing with this unpleasant situation, keep reading for some bird nesting prevention tips.

The Best Ways to Keep Birds from Nesting in Vents

For most homes in Tennessee, any exterior vents will have vent hoods with flappers that will usually prevent birds from nesting inside. However, birds can sometimes get past these flappers, especially if they’re damaged. If you notice that your vent hoods have broken or missing flappers, replace them before birds can start making a nest. Unfortunately, some birds are smart enough to use their beaks to pry the flappers open and force their way inside.

For the most effective protection against nesting birds, install vent guards over your dryer vents and bathroom vents. These guards have a screen composed of either plastic or metal, and they’re generally effective at preventing birds from taking up residence in your vents. Unlike vent hoods, there’s no way for birds to pry these barriers open unless they’ve been damaged.

If birds have already begun nesting in your dryer vents, your best option is to call a local wildlife removal company in Tennessee. Trained wildlife removal specialists will be able to safely extract birds and their nests from your dryer vents, then install exclusion barriers to keep them from returning.

Bird Prevention & Removal in Tennessee

Would you like the help of professional wildlife management technicians to prevent birds from nesting in your dryer vents? Call All Creatures Wildlife Services today if you need our help to solve a bird problem in the Knoxville or Chattanooga areas!