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Maryville Raccoon Control

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Ravaged garbage cans and strange noises from the attic are likely indicators that a raccoon has taken up residence in your home in Maryville. Raccoons will tear apart roof shingles and vents to get inside your attic. Once they’re in, they’ll seriously damage everything around them while also scattering feces and urine everywhere. Parasites like roundworm and bacteria like leptospirosis can be transmitted to your household by raccoon waste.

Don’t try to evict a raccoon by yourself, as they’re likely to put up a fight and are known carriers of the rabies virus. To have a raccoon safely removed from your house in Maryville, get help from the licensed raccoon control professionals.

Effective Raccoon Removal

If you’re struggling with a raccoon infestation in your home in Maryville, All Creatures Wildlife Services will conduct an inspection to determine the raccoons’ numbers, nest locations and point of entry. Our experts will use carefully laid traps to capture every last raccoon and safely remove them to the woods, far away from your neighborhood.

As soon as the raccoons are out, our team will keep them out permanently by applying exclusion barriers to the perimeter of your house in Maryville. In addition, we’ll get rid of their droppings, sanitize their nesting grounds and restore whatever damage they’ve inflicted on your home.

All Creatures Wildlife Puts Raccoons on the Run

Left unchecked, raccoons will wreak havoc on your home, inside and out. Give All Creatures Wildlife Services a call today for the ultimate raccoon removal services in the Maryville area!

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