Scratching Sounds In Chattanooga

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What are the Scratching Sounds in My Attic & Walls in Chattanooga?

Have you heard strange scratching noises coming from inside your attic or walls? You probably have a wild animal inside your home in Chattanooga.

When wildlife infestations occur, nuisance animals often start living inside the attics and walls of local homes. These areas are dark and sheltered, allowing wildlife to live comfortably without having unwanted encounters with people or pets. If you hear something scratching around inside your walls or up in your attic, it’s time to call a wildlife control company in Chattanooga.


Do You Need to Have Wildlife Removed from Your Attic or Walls?

At All Creatures Wildlife Services, removing nuisance animals from walls and attics is among our specialties. If you’ve heard something scratching around in your home in Chattanooga, our technicians will conduct an inspection to identify your invading critters and figure out how they got into your walls or attic. We can remove all common local wildlife species, including:


After removing the invasive wild animals from your attic or walls, our team will follow up by animal-proofing your home in Chattanooga to prevent further issues. We’ll seal off any entry points to your attic and walls and install wildlife exclusion barriers as needed.

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When you hear scratching in your walls or attic, you need help from experienced wildlife removal professionals. Contact All Creatures Wildlife Services today if you need our help to get rid of wildlife inside your attic or walls in Chattanooga!

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