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Maryville Skunk Removal Services 

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A sulfurous stench lingering in the air around your home in Maryville is a likely sign that a skunk has taken up residence on your property. Unlike some pests, skunks usually won’t enter homes but they will build nests in crawl spaces, under porches and in or near garages and sheds. Should you wander too close to a skunk den, they’ll defend it with their long-ranged spray, which can cause brief loss of vision and nausea on contact.

While skunk spray is the biggest threat, skunks may also carry rabies and they’re destructive creatures that will dig up your lawn and gardens. It is unwise to attempt to remove a skunk from your property in Maryville on your own, so let a licensed skunk control company lend a hand.

Professional Skunk Removal

If you think there are skunks living around your home in Maryville, All Creatures Wildlife Services will conduct an inspection of your property to find the den and figure out how many skunks we’re up against. Our experts will strategically place traps to capture all of the skunks and remove them from your neighborhood.

To exclude other skunks from moving in, our technicians will install exclusion materials around the perimeter of your house in Maryville. We can also neutralize the odor left by skunks and repair whatever destruction they’ve caused.

    All Creatures Wildlife Makes Skunks Stink Somewhere Else

    Skunks are the smelliest pests that can move onto your property, so get rid of them before they stink up your house. Call up All Creatures Wildlife Services today for the greatest skunk removal services in the Maryville area!

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