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Oak Ridge Skunk Removal Services 

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Skunks are elusive, nocturnal animals but even if you don’t see one living on your property in Oak Ridge, you’ll be sure to smell it. While skunks don’t usually enter homes, they do like to build their dens under porches and sheds or inside of crawl spaces. Skunks are territorial creatures that will attack with their infamous foul-smelling spray if you or your pets come near them, causing short-term blindness and vomiting on contact.

Not only can skunks spray you, they can also tear apart your garden and lawn in search of grubs, and they’re one of the most common carriers of rabies. Removing a skunk from your property in Oak Ridge is difficult because of their spray, so let the skunk control professionals take care of it for you.

Trusted Skunk Removal

If you’ve seen or smelled skunks living around your house in Oak Ridge, All Creatures Wildlife Services will inspect your property to locate the skunks’ den and see if they have babies. Our experienced specialists will use well-placed traps to lure out and capture all of the skunks so that they can be removed from your property as quickly as possible.

Since other skunks may try to move into unoccupied dens, our crew will use exclusion barriers to prevent them from digging around your home in Oak Ridge. We can also remediate any damage they’ve caused on your property and eliminate their foul odor from your home.

    All Creatures Wildlife Kicks Skunks Out of Their Dens

    If a family of skunks move onto your property, their stench will soon become unbearable. Get in contact with All Creatures Wildlife Services today for top-tier skunk removal services in the Oak Ridge area!

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