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Squirrel Removal Services

Are you looking for squirrel removal services in Maryville?

It’s annoying enough to have squirrels make a mess of your bird feeders but it’s much worse to have them move into your home in Maryville. Squirrels most commonly invade attics, where they’ll make nests by tearing apart insulation, drywall, wood and most other materials. Worst of all, squirrels may start a fire by chewing on live electrical wires.

In addition to the damage they cause, squirrels are carriers of various diseases and parasites which are spread through their urine and feces. Trying to remove squirrels from an attic alone is exceptionally difficult, especially once they breed. For the most effective squirrel removal in Maryville, you need a professional squirrel control company.

Top-Tier Squirrel Removal

If squirrels have infested your home in Maryville, All Creatures Wildlife will perform an inspection to find out how the squirrels got in, how many there are and where they’re living and moving. With these facts in hand, our experts will strategically place traps around your house to swiftly catch every squirrel for removal to the wild.

After squirrel removal is finished, our professionals will make sure the squirrel problem doesn’t come back by using exclusion materials to prevent squirrels from accessing your home’s interior. In addition, we’ll repair the destruction squirrels have caused and clean up any waste and nests we find.

All Creatures Wildlife Makes Squirrels Find a New Nest

Having squirrels invade your home will lead to costly damages and the spread of zoonoses. Give All Creatures Wildlife Services a call today for the best squirrel removal services in the Maryville area!

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