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Squirrel Removal Experts

Don’t be fooled by the cuddly appearance of squirrels. These animals may be small, but they have been known to invade homes to hide their food, protect their young, and build nests. They also have the capacity to cause destruction to homes and they pose a health risk to families.

This is why you need the help of a professional to have them removed from your premises.

Squirrel Removal Process

As a highly experienced wildlife removal company, All Creatures is familiar with the behaviors and habits of squirrels. All of our staff have gone through extensive training on squirrel identification, removal, and control techniques.

First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your home, assess the damage that has been done, and identify the squirrels’ points of entry. We’re animal lovers at heart, which is why we’ll remove them from your premises in the most humane way possible.

We also find and secure the weak points of your home to ensure they won’t come back. Finally, we remediate your attic and sanitize every surface to make it livable again.

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If you hear animal sounds or see animal dropping in your attic, you should protect your home and family right away by calling in the experts.

All Creatures provides humane wildlife removal services in East Brainerd and its surrounding areas. It is our commitment to remove unwanted and potentially dangerous wildlife from Tennessee homes. To know more about our services, please give us a call today!

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