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Squirrel Removal Professionals

Plenty of people consider Ooltewah a great place to live in; plenty of squirrels think so, too.

There’s a common misconception that squirrels only live in trees. However, they can also live in burrows, downtown areas, and in some cases – your home.

The squirrels that live in the greater Ooltewah area are also known to take advantage of the residential areas we have in Ooltewah. For this reason, squirrels have become one of the most common culprits in wildlife home infestations within the state. These pesky animals can very easily gain access to your home to give birth to their young and nest during winter.

Our Squirrel Removal Services

All Creatures offer a wide range of squirrel removal services. We do a quick yet thorough inspection of the home to identify all possible entry points.

Our trapping and removal services are done in a compassionate and humane manner, with a deep respect for life and the environment.

We also offer exclusion services where we seal entry points by caulking cracks, capping off chimneys, installing mesh over vents, and decontaminating droppings.

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If you suspect or find a squirrel in your attic, it’s important to have it trapped and removed from the vicinity immediately.

Make your home a safe and healthy place to live in. Our company is composed of experts who have decades of experience in wildlife rescue and removal.

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